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Optoacoustic Imaging

My research focus lies on the hardware development and optimization of optoacoustic microscopes. These systems are then applied in cutting-edge preclinical research.

To get the light where we need it, we use custom made fiber-optics and to measure even the weakest of signals, we try out novel ultrasound sensor approaches.

Interactive Post-Processing

Visualize and analyze large, volumetric datasets including high-speed vessel analysis, vesselness filtering and much more!

Find the latest version at!

Hardware Interfacing

We have developed many object-oriented Matlab and C/C++ based interfaces for devices in our imaging systems. Everything is freely available at and

  • PulseBlaster3000 – High-speed, low-cost trigger board with Matlab interface based on the Teensy uC
  • Quadrature Decoder – Electronics, firmware and Matlab interface using the HCTL-2017 chips for fast and reliable read-out of quadrature decoder signals.
  • Spectrum DAQ Interface – Provides fast access to high-speed data acquisition (digitizer) boards.

Publication Overview

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